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georgelinda306 - Linda george 1 week ago

When I moved from San Diego to Maui at 30 I was about $50,000 in debt due to overspending on vacations, and living the single life with my girlfriends.Ironically, even though Maui has a higher cost of living, the lifestyle is more affordable. Nightly cocktails, expensive dinners, and weekend road trips to Palm Springs and Vegas became a thing of the past. Instead, my free time is spent hiking, at the beach, and at friendsโ€™ housesโ€”all of which provides the same emotional satisfaction but without the high cost.Very slowly, I started paying more than the monthly minimums on my debt, and with @davidtrader5 helping me through it all with his good advice and putting me on an investment plan on bitcoin (btc) in a couple of years, I paid off my car. My original plan was to buy a new car, but then I got engaged. My fiancรฉ was very good with his money and never had debt. I was embarrassed by the $30,000 of debt I was bringing to the marriage, so I made a decision to buckle down and pay it off before our wedding in two years. thank you @davidtrader5 for making me believe in my self and for given me the courage and understanding to invest in bitcoin, with that i was able to pay off my debt.

kanephilip10 - philip kane 1 week ago

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