We broke out our 🔮 again and here’s who will play in the #NewYear 6 and #CFB Playoff! • • • #hoos #gators #gobucks #utes #boomer #geauxtigers #goirish #ucf #rolltide #clemson #goblue #godawgs @247sports 247sports 247Sports

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delgado.darren - Darren Delgado 1 week ago

Michigan? In the Playoff? Without beating Ohio State and without winning the B1G? How tho? How does a 5 loss team make the playoff?

nick_h34 - Nick 1 week ago

Stay of the weeeed~ Stephan A Smith y’all should listen to that

iantaylor_23 - Ian Taylor 1 week ago

It’s crazy how the entire Fanbase of college football knows that Michigan is not going to be in the playoffs, because they never live up to the hype for like 10 years straight now. But somehow sports analysts and all the people who are supposed to know so much about football constantly put them up there as if anything has changed. Incredible 😂

ty_dyed__ - 1 week ago

Michigan is a good team, like solid, but I really don't get the hype. They could easily make a NY6 bowl but it would be real tough to make the CFP. Their defense isn't going to be anything like it was last year and their offense isn't really anything special.

derrenlin - Derren Lin 1 week ago

Not happening but in the Peach Bowl: Georgia vs. Alabama and Fiesta Bowl: Clemson vs. Oklahoma

lul_polo - James 1 week ago

Y’all really think my team about to play in the orange bowl 🐊

vidglavic - Vid Glavic 1 week ago

Congrats to Michigan on what will be their 4th consecutive preseason playoff appearance 😂

rexrandall82 - RexR 1 week ago

Michigan = underachieving more than anyone since 1997. No way in playoff. Big 10 left out for 3rd year in a row. Bank it.